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SeaCrew - Crew Management and Planning Software

The crew is the most important factor in ship operation.

Seafarers are the most important factor in ship operation. On a vessel every crew member is important. A good captain knows how to motivate the crew and make them work together. Using everyones knowledge and specific skills he can bring the ship effectively and safely to her destination. A close team working together to make sure that the demands of the customer can be met.

SeaCrew is crewing and planning software used for your crew management within the maritime industry.
With unlimited search and retrieval functions. With support of MLC2006, IMO, STCW 95 and ISM.


SeaCrew crewing & planning software offers you:

  • international support by professionals that speak your language
  • for crewing agents and ship owners
  • usage company-wide on every infrastructure
  • usage by tablet and smartphone
  • support of Strategic Maritime Personnel policy
  • time saving of 30%
  • document management
  • checking licenses, documents, certificates, vaccinations
  • contributes to the reduction of ship-owner-costs
  • performance and competence management
  • integrated payroll
  • integration with travel planning
  • unlimited search and reporting by extended Filter mechanism
  • fast crew planning and replacements
  • offering you dashboards
  • supports ISO, ISM, MLC2006, STCW


SeaCrew offers you complete crewing and planning software developed for Ship Owners and Crew Agents.
SeaCrew crewing software is also available for:
- On & Offshore,
- Oil & Energy,
- Dredging,
- Towage & Salvage,
- Cruise & Ferry lines.

With SeaCrew crewing software you bring the demands of the crew and all legal regulations together. SeaCrew is proven crewing and planning software that considers the availability and the quality of the seafarers. To create the best situation for all of you.
SeaCrew crewing software helps you with the day to day business regarding crewing.

Ask for our customers world wide and contact us for our quick implementation services.


Brochure SeaCrew - Crew Management Software (PDF - 1,4MB)


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